Do you need building regulation approval?

Many projects, including the conversion of a loft space or extensions, will need building regulation approval as well as planning approval. Some projects require building regulation approval even if exempt from planning, for example chimney breast removal.

An Approved Building Inspector can confirm the building work follows regualtions. You don’t have to use the Local Council to check that they comply with building regulations.

Approved Inspectors are licensed by the Construction Industry Council as an alternative to Local Authority Building Control.

Notify Your Local Authority

If you choose to use an Inspector then you must notify the Local Authority that your Building Inspector is carrying out the building inspections. This notification is called an “Initial Notice”.

Works can start 5 working days after the Initial Notice has been given. The Inspector will undertake regular site inspections.*

Once building works have been completed, the Inspector will issue a final certificate. This replaces the completion certificate that local authorities would issue.

*NB The inspections that BCBs undertake should not be confused with full site supervision. Inspections are only carried out at certain stages of the building work.