Bathroom renovations tips, tricks and ideas

Does my new bathroom need planning permission?

You do not require planning permission to install a new bathroom unless it is part of an extension. If your property is listed, you should consult with your local planning authority or seek the advice from our architectural or planning consultants. Take a look at these bathroom ideas.

Building Regulations?

Refitting a bathroom with new units and fittings does not generally require building regulations approval. Drainage or electrical works that form part of the refit may require approval under the building regulations. Your bathroom may also need electrical repairs. See more information.

If a new bathroom is to be provided, building regulations approval is likely to be required to ensure that the room will have adequate ventilation and drainage, and meet requirements in respect of structural stability, electrical and fire safety.

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Radiators and towel rails

If are looking for a new radiator or towel rail for your home, we recommend looking online to research what types are available and what the best one could be for your home.

Some radiators you can choose from are:

  • Cast Iron Radiators
  •  Luxury Designer Radiators
  •  Heated Towel Rails
  • Vertical Type Radiators

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Choosing the right company for your bathroom renovation project

Search for a company that has years of experience and many recommendations from previous customers. The best way to do this is via testimonials – this will give a true indication of how they handle a project.

Also, find out if they will give you a free, no obligation quote! Doing this means you will be able to shop around before committing to a company.

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