Design Your Outside Space

In the UK, our appetite for home improvement is insatiable. We spend many millions of pounds and hours on improving the single largest financial investment we will ever make. Within the curtilage of our home, the garden can often represent the largest room we have; be it a place to relax with friends, grow our own produce, or simply throw the children into when it all gets too much, the garden space is very versatile.

Although many of us are clear about what we want within the walls of our home, the same cannot always be said about the all-important outdoor space.

How such space is arranged and what we choose to maintain within it can make all the difference to its functionality and therefore how much we use it. See Garden design London | small, roof, design, urban garden design

There are many applications which could be made to your outdoor space such as:

  • Residential Shade Sails
  • Commercial Shade Sails
  • Waterproof Shade Sails
  • Shade Structures
  • Car Shade Sails
  • Pool Shade Sails
  • Playground Park Shade
  • Outdoor Shade Umbrella

These are some of the shade options to choose from and add to your garden helping you to stay safer outdoors. For more information on these applications and services view more here.


Planning Permission?

For details with regard to Planning Permission please see relevant icons on:

  1. Decking
  2. Block Paving
  3. New fence/wall/gate