Loft Insulation

Insulation right from the start
All loft insulation should be co-ordinated by a national network of branches, staffed by informed, skilled professionals.

As the first choice of many UK housebuilders, loft insulation companies have built up a reputation over 40 years to ensure that their projects receive the right product at the right price at the right time.

The majority of roof insulation is installed using a traditional high-quality mineral fibre quilt.

However initiatives such as The Code for Sustainable Homes have led us to increasingly utilise innovative, high-performance products from such suppliers as Knauf, Rockwool, Kingspan and Celotex, where boards and slabs offer premium thermal performance without compromising crucial ventilation to sloping areas and general warm roof constructions.

Where access to the roof void is a consideration we have the necessary machinery to enable insulation to be blown into the roof void ensuring that your project is completed on time without fuss


  • Project management
  • Cost
  • Hassle-free
  • No stock requirement
  • Place and forget
  • Guarantee
  • Time management
  • No mess
  • Quality
  • Technical backup
  • Coverage

Loft Insulation - All you need to know

How to keep the rest of your home insulated

Keeping your loft insulated is important as the majority of heat loss in the home is caused by the roof, but it is important to keep the rest of your home insulated too.

One of the best ways to keep the heat in is to invest in double glazing. Double glazed windows and doors ensure that the cold is kept out of the home, and heat is not lost.

If you are happy with your windows but they are not double glazed, you can get secondary glazing which adds another layer onto your existing windows furthering heat and sound insulation in your home.

Some cheaper options for insulating your house are:

  • Install thick curtains
  • Insulate your floors or get carpets rather than wooden floors
  • Use rugs
  • Use draught excluders

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