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London planning permission rules and property letting

Local authorities’ biggest problem is often housing – whether it’s trying to find self-contained accommodation for the homeless or struggling families.

The recent coronavirus pandemic has only contributed to this problem.

On top of this, providers of short-term lets are also being hit hard by reduced bookings currently and having to make new adjustments to guests affected by the pandemic.

Therefore local London councils are finding it increasingly difficult to find and provide suitable accommodation for everyone and have tried to come up with solutions.

Assured Shorthold Tenancies

Camden Council is looking for an additional supply of Assured Shorthold Tenancies for a minimum fixed period of 12 months.

Rent must not be higher than the LHA limit and Camden Council may offer a cash incentive payment to the provider.

So for those letting out their homes or rooms are encouraged by the local council to increase the supply of accommodation and maintain cash flow during the pandemic.

Email Camden’s Private Rented Sector Procurement Manager or call Joyce on 0207 974 3023.

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What is a short term/holiday let?

Generally, short term lets are properties that are let out for up to 6 months at a time and are often referred to as holiday lets. Their aim is to provide temporary and alternative accommodation for tourists and holidaymakers wanting to avoid hotels.

Some homeowners chose to run these holiday homes themselves whilst they still live in the property, whereas some landlords or homeowners may have second properties that they let out and manage through short-let management companies like this London one.

Making my home a holiday home – do I need permission?

When it comes to flat or houses in London, you will not need to apply for planning permission for a short term/holiday let if:

  • You continue to pay the council tax of the property
  • No short-term let is longer than 90 days

However, when it comes to renting out your home for a period of longer than 9- days in a calendar year you will need to apply for full planning permission.

Current planning policy in the Camden Local Plan is to resist development that changes permanent housing to short-stay accommodation/holiday lets. – Camden Council.

If you suspect a property is being used for short term/holiday letting outside of the new regulations, you can report it here.

How do to apply for planning permission?

You can apply via the national planning portal here.

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