Commercial cleaning services in Crawley

Commercial Cleaner:

“The term for a person or agency that provides cleaning services for businesses. This includes shops, offices, factories, schools and restaurants.”

Highly recommended company

Here at Planning Permission, we have worked with numerous cleaning agencies across the UK including Norwich, Cambridge and Sussex.

We must say, without a doubt that the best company we have worked with is Vericlean for our Crawley based businesses. This established company offers office cleaning, window washing and carpet cleaning for a number of businesses such as factories and warehouses. We highly recommend this company for all your commercial cleaning needs.

2018: Top 3 Office Cleaning Companies in Croydon London.

How can office cleaning services benefit you

How will this benefit you?

Keeping Office Morale High

Relying on your employees to carry out the cleaning tasks can de-motivate them, as well as increasing the risks of accidents happening in the workplace. The reason you hired your employees is because of their business skill set.

Less Sick Days

A commercial cleaner will make sure the kitchen and bathroom area is thoroughly clean and hygienic. Without routine office cleaning, there will be more bacteria and viruses in the air, causing employees to become sick much more often. A commercial cleaner will make sure your office is completely clean, resulting in less sick days. See: How to reduce sick days.

Constant Supply

The agency that you choose may also be responsible for replenishing items such as soap, feminine products, toilet paper and rubbish bags. This is another huge task that can be taken off of your hands and into the hands of a professional. Click here to see what you should have in an office bathroom.