zinc roofs

Why zinc roofs?

When deciding on redecorating a property, some homeowners decide on zinc roofs.

Unlike traditional tiles, metal and or wooden roofs – zinc roofs have extra appeal.

This is because they are different from alternative products.

There are a variety of reasons as to why getting a new zinc roof can improve any home.


There are some circumstances where a new roof may not last as long as the worker may have claimed.

While a roof made from traditional materials naturally do not last long, even with the right care and upkeep, this is not the case with a zinc roof.

One of the main reasons that a customer chooses a zinc roof is its long-lasting design.

A zinc roof that is properly installed can last up to an entire century!

Customers do not want to pay money for a new roof that will be replaced within the next year – this is why they choose a zinc roof.

Zinc roofs feel more personal

With traditional roofing materials, you get what you see.

There is not much room for personalisation.

All you may be able to do is change the tile colours and it may be enough for some people to make it feel like ‘their roof’.

However, with a roof made from zinc, there is more room for personalisation!

Not only do zinc roofs have a wider range of colours in various shades, but their shape can also be personalised into anything that the owner wants.

Great for the environment

While a zinc roof can have any home looking great, some customers might want more than just a nice home.

Zinc roofs are a great, environmentally friendly roofing product that can make any home more eco-friendly.

Doing your part for the environment does not only have to be recycling unwanted items.

It can also make your home stand out, and improve the appearance of your home.